How do you catch the eye and capture the attention of a thousand expo attendees, when you’re just one of a hundred exhibitors? For one company, the solution was cookies. Not the kind in your computer, the kind you eat. Although you can’t eat the ones we’re talking about here, even though they’re fat free and have zero calories. And these are BIG cookies, which is great because big 3D art is what we specialize in.

So what did we do? Well, we baked up an 8′ tall Oreo and set it splashing into a pool of milk, to be used as a backdrop for a photo booth. If you can’t picture that in your mind, just look up at the picture again. The high-quality finish on the milk spill & splash give it a great sense of realism, and the detail in the design on the Oreo matches the real thing incredibly closely. It looks good enough to eat – but we don’t recommend that!

8′ tall cookie backdrop for a photobooth


What is all this about?

All of these things were part of a display for a “sweets and snacks” expo this company was exhibiting at. The vendor we worked with on this wanted something that was big, unique, and eye-catching, while still being moveable and easily shipped.


Despite being impressively oversized, this entire display – the giant Oreo, the nine smaller Oreos that are “only” 3′ in diameter, the 9′ tall cookie package, the 10′ tall milk spill, the 3′ small milk splash, and ten 24″ tall Sour Patch Kids – weighed less than 1,000lbs total! Lightweight, durable, easily shipped. And of course, eye-catching. Show attendees took pictures in front of the giant Oreo, used the stack of small Oreos as a table and smaller stacks of Oreos as chairs, and were sufficiently impressed by the enormity of these pieces.

Do you see the 24″ tall Sour Patch Kids that are lurking around? We made those too.

And that giant vinyl-wrapped Oreo package standing up in the background.

And the stack of Oreos you see back there too.

And a 13′ tall polymetric cliff, which you can see farther down in this post.

Our team modeled, machined, and fully finished all these pieces in about a month, and then shipped them off directly to the expo in Chicago. It was fun for us, fast for our client, and visually enjoyed by hundreds of expo attendees. If you scroll down, you can see more pictures of all the stuff we made for this project.


Another angle of the booth.


We also made this 13′ tall cliff. Or CLIF, if you prefer.


The Oreo package heading into the paint booth, and resting comfortably after getting dressed.


Inspired by this display?

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