Custom 3D Molds

Time saved is money earned.

We create quick, effective molds that do what you need them to do.

Let Outshaped save you time, money, and the hassle of hand-building and repairing molds. From one-off projects to long-lasting fiberglass molds, our custom capabilities mean Outshaped can make your mold in any shape you need, optimized for speed and quality.

Why Outshaped?

We’ll quote it today, and make it tomorrow. That’s what makes us unique.


If it’s not big, we’re not interested (just kidding.) But we really love making big things.


Our speed is our strength. Our average project is delivered within 10 days.


We’ll figure out the best way to create your project, and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Your Place for Prototyping

Forget about hand-building, repairing, and tinkering with your molds between every batch: We’ll model it, machine it, and ship a seamless part right to your door. Whether you need a single-use, one-off mold or a durable piece you can use again and again, Outshaped has the flexibility and capability to make it happen.

Custom Prototyping

Custom molds provide you with any shape you need.

Outshaped creates 3D shapes for a variety of industries. Have a complex design? Need it big? Bigger than big? It’s not a problem for the Outshaped team.

Our manufacturing projects typically consist of:

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Play Area Features

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Concrete Forms

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Fiberglass & Hand Layup Patterns

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Patterns, Forms, & Molds

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Small Scale Rotomolding

Save time in your molding process.

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