Custom 3D Letters

Make a statement with your statement.

Big letters stand out!

Grab attention with giant 3D letters in any size, font, color, and finish. We have easy standard options and custom options are unlimited!

Get your oversized letters exactly how you want them; we’ll help you develop mounting, framing and all that tricky stuff.

Emojis & Icons

If it’s in an instagram comment, we can make it. Any symbol, emoticon, or special character off your keyboard can become a photo op.

Give us a challenge!

We’ve got great people here that can make any graphic into a 3D work of art.

3D display emoji emoticons sculpture sculptural letters

Frequently Asked Questions

How big can the letters be?

We can make them as big as you need!

What size letters should I get?
  • A general rule is that you can see a:

    • 1′ letter from 250 feet

    • 2′ letter from 500 feet

    • 4′ letter from 1000 feet

Can I use a custom font?

Definitely. We can create your letters in pretty much any font you would like. Just use this link and let us know what you’re looking for.

Can the letters stand on their own?

If you would like, yes! Free-standing letters will have a flat area on the bottom so they can stand on their own. However if you plan to use them another way, such as wall-mounted, we can do that too. 

Can the letters be used outside?

Yes. For outdoor use we apply a durable hardcoat to the letters that will last for years.

How do I get 3D letters?

Just give us the characters, a picture, or a decent description and we’ll give you a quick cost.