Who We Are

People having fun making big things.

Welcome to our office

Outshaped started as a family run business, a couple of brothers playing with machines. At first we made sculpture cores for bronze artists. Today we work with dozens of superbrands, baseball teams, fiberglassers, and a bunch of other things we can’t talk about for 365 days.

We have passion for our work and the people we work with—they design incredible things, we make them, and we have a blast doing it.

Our Promise

You’ll be confident. From start to finish, we’ve got your back.

We see things most people don’t.

Our proven process can split any massive project into manageable pieces that fit together like a well-oiled puzzle. If you’re not sure how to get it made, send it over.

We wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t fun.

Meet the Outshaped Team

Karl Bekkala


Discovered the inner workings of robots in college and got hooked on the crazy things you can make a machine do. Now he makes the machines do those crazy things to produce incredible shapes, forms, and designs for people. He’s also our CBO (Chief Break Officer.)

Eldon Bekkala


Started his professional career providing CAD design for big manufacturing firms. At Outshaped, he is the crucial link between somebody imagining something big and bolting down the finished project.

Wes Bekkala


Pedaled the bike at a corporate manufacturer for a decade, then took his fantastic project management skills to a place that needed them (and encouraged him to create even more.)

June Asplin


Thanks to legit painting skills and a fascination with organic shapes and unusual mediums, a creative niche was filled with a ton of passion. And she’s really good at doing the numbers too.

Bob Anderson


An original letterhead with a library of classic sign-painting tricks up his sleeve, he can do everything from hand-lettering to gold leaf inlays and more. He’s a modern-day renaissance man whose passion for art brought him into the 3D display industry. Hand painting, intricate airbrushing, and meticulous detailing make his work stand out.

Beep Boop

Jack Anderson


Traded in his construction hard hat for a position in our shop that lets him wear way more hats. Another one of our passionate artists, he can shape, sculpt, paint, detail, coat, finish, and more.

Dean Mamnev


Dean is a model(er), and a good one at that. He does his modeling on a computer instead of a catwalk, but even still everything Dean models looks good. Really good.

Dustin Bekkala


He’s got a B.A. in mechanical engineering, and he puts that knowledge to work bossing the machines around. And he’s a certified pilot instructor, which is pretty “B.A.” as well.

Kara Anderson


We have a lot of machines in the shop, and Kara keeps them busy from sunup to sundown. She’s so good she can keep them busy in her sleep! She’s the boss of the machines, and a machine of a boss.

Calder Anderson


Look at that handsome fella…and standing next to him is Calder! They call him THE FINISHER. Okay no they don’t, but they could because that’s what he does. If the devil really IS in the details, Calder will find him. And then probably sand, paint and clearcoat him.

Brett Ryynanen


Brett’s a hot machine! No, wait. He’s a hotwire machinist. When we need stock cut, Brett’s our guy. If we need some letters cut, Brett’s our guy. Need a part trimmed? Yep, Brett. Something else on the hotwire? Brett. If we have to deal with the hotwire, we just hand it over to Brett.

Outshaped can build it.

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