Bespoke 3D Displays

Bespoke (adj.): made for a particular customer or user. Custom. 

Okay, that’s not the actual definition, but it’s pretty close. And it fits what we do at Outshaped really well, because “custom” is our bread and butter. Bespoke displays and unique sculptures have emerged as a powerful tool to create immersive and engaging environments that leave a lasting impression.

Outshaped has partnered with customers throughout the U.S. that have taken the customer experience to the next level with bespoke trade show exhibit displays and sculptures. Here are a few examples of how some of our customers are leveraging bespoke displays to elevate the customer experience:

13’ cliff integrated in with the 8’ foot cookie and a king size packaged goodies for visitors to explore and interact with. You can read more about this project here!

She has been traveling since 2021 in the states of New York and New Jersey. She resides in MoCA Arlington for 2024. Providing a piece for the public to enjoy and debate the meeting of liberty and freedom.

A branded piece for a live event. Designed to bring the theme of “cultivating” to life. 

Outshaped is located in Central Minnesota with customers across the United States. Our bespoke sculptures and displays are engineered and designed locally. We can provide a turnkey product from initial concept to painted pieces, or we can provide you with the “bare” sculpture to finish on your own. We partner with individual artists, marketing companies and large organizations that want to take their projects to the next level. Our large scale sculptures and displays are a great addition to office and retail spaces, museums or parks, sports arenas, airports, tradeshows and expos and more! 


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