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areas we’re looking for


A variety of trimming and sanding parts, assembling parts of large models, painting and coating, general labor, wood working, welding. Should be able to lift large parts, be willing to learn and have attention to detail.


Basic CAD modeling, scanning, digital model preparation, aligning parts, creating stock material. Training on site, should be comfortable with computers and 3D parts. Good at Fortnite? Could be the spot for you.


Program and run toolpaths, mostly 3D surfaces. Use a variety of CNC equipment including 3 and 4 axis tables, hot wire machine, KUKA robot cells, with top shelf CAM software and simulation programs. Surfacing experience is preferred, training on site.

Our core values

If you value the same things we do, you’re a good fit and we want you here!
A career is a tool; we value ours, enjoy it and use it live a funner life.


The Golden Rule

We treat others how we’d like to be treated: with respect, honesty, and integrity.

We do our best

We love devoloping good systems, and never skip steps. If we’re going to do it, we’ll do it right.


There’s a lot going on in this industry, and it’s good to learn. We share what we know, and are open to other’s experience.

Team Focus

We accomplish more together. If one person is overloaded we step in and help.


The key to any good relationship; we honestly communicate problems, solutions, and questions.

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