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Our sales people talk with businesses doing things the old, hard way, and help them use our parts in their system to speed things up. Marketing typically provides leads, and sales follows up and explores/builds relationships.

Digital Modeling

Use a variety of programs like Blender, Netfabb, Solidworks, and a 3D scanner to create models, modify/sculpt them, add a frame inside, and make a drawing for the crew to be able to build it. 


Hardcoating, painting, sanding, filling, and generally making parts look good. A lot of the work is like autobody finishing: making a surface nice and smooth, applying vinyl, mask and paint it, give it a good clear coat and a kiss and it’s on its way.

Our core values

If you value the same things we do, you’re a good fit and we want you here!
A career is a tool; we value ours, enjoy it and use it live a funner life.


The Golden Rule

We treat others how we’d like to be treated: with respect, honesty, and integrity.

We put our name on it

We love devoloping good systems, and never skip steps. When we’re done with a project, we’re happy with how we did.


There’s a lot going on in this industry, and it’s good to learn. We share what we know, and are open to other’s experience.

Team Focus

We accomplish more together. If one person is overloaded we step in and help.


The key to any good relationship; we honestly communicate problems, solutions, and questions.

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