big jobs done faster.

We make ridiculous objects and love doing it. If it’s a challenge, we’re in.

Let’s have some fun!

You’ve got options at any step: creating the initial digital model, making the physical shape, and choosing a finish coat.

CAD Model

If it’s a geometric shape (perfect curves and flats), we have a handful of smart kids that can whip it up in their CAD programs.

3D Scan

Organic shapes can be 3D scanned (up to a 12m cube!) or we’ll get them digitally sculpted.


Sometime your model needs some sort of tweaking. We can lightly edit or entirely change your model.

Material Type

1.5 lb density EPS (sometimes referred to as styrofoamâ„¢ ) is most common, and easy to work with. Other materials are available as needed.


We’re engineers, and you bet we’ll geek out about how we’re going to make this project. Robots, hotwires, sandpaper. You name it.


Objects can be fully assembled and glued, or shipped out in pieces with dowel holes or alignment marks.


Just a plain machine finish, lightly sanded, sent out. Do the finishing on your end!


hardcoated EPS foam Outshaped MN

We can coat pieces with a plastic-like resin (typical), mortar, cement, or anything else you might need.


Painting, detailing, and clear coating can make an outdoor piece last for years and years.

(Photo: Twitter, @DavidCharlesPGA)