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3D Letters

$125.00 / letter

Smooth or plain faced, super durable or uncoated. Our free-standing letters are an awesome photo op that draws a crowd.
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An epoxy-like coating to add durability



Make it Big.

3D Letters are the ultimate photo op, a backdrop that says "these things right here are ridiculous". Make a corporate event a whole new experience, or take a wedding reception to another level. Draw a crowd at your next expo with your name stacked 10 feet tall. Wherever you're going with these, this is how you go big.

A Note About Coatings

Uncoated:  Bare foam suggested for display only, away from public areas. Paint adds some durability, but it is possible to chip them.

Face Only: Bare foam with a smooth hard-coated face. These can withstand gentle interaction from the front, but still suggested for display only.

Full Coat: Fully encapsulated with a very durable epoxy. If your display is in a public area and will be touched/ interacted with, they should be fully coated.


All letters in this category have a flat on the bottom so they can stand alone.

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