Create anything with foam

Large art, giant props, and mold cores – our bread and butter.

Quick approval

Our 3D PDF’s and digital renderings are easy for your clients to understand.

Rapid full scale model.

Our average model is delivered within 10 business days.

Flexible operation.

We’ll run 24/7, jump you up in line, or ballpark prices on the spot.

Easy modification.

With our materials, last-minute changes are easy using simple tools.


The bare foam PGA Trophy core.


It usually starts with a digital model. We’ll CAD model it, or 3D scan it. Artists commonly carve small-scale models to get project approvals.

We then modify, scale to whatever size we need, and send a 3D PDF. You can rotate it, zoom in, and fine tune every inch before it gets cut.

Manufacturing is done by whichever methods are most efficient. We make giant objects in pieces, often slicing them in half to add armatures for support.

David Charles with the giant PGA Trophy. (Source: Twitter, @DavidCharlesPGA)


No, this is definitely where the art comes to life!

Artists often clay-coat the foam directly for sculpture work, other times the cores are hardcoated with a resin or fiberglass.

Hardcoat can then be painted, detailed, or even covered in hair.


3D Scanning

Objects ranging from an inch to 12 yardslong can be 3D scanned and scaled exactly to proportion.

These models can be manipulated digitally using free programs, or we can do it for you.

CNC Hotwire

A red-hot thin wire to cut shapes with flat or tapered sides – commonly used for letters, columns, funnels, tapered pieces, or a 2-D pattern of any depth.

There is no limit to the size, but we recommend a minimum of a 1′ cube.

Materials are limited to EPS and XPS foam.

CNC Machining

Our 7-axis robot easily machines undercuts or reach into deep spots where a typical CNC router just can’t get to.

With 1/16″ tolerance, we can do single pieces in a 5 foot cube, and glue them together to make any size imaginable.